Looking Back to the Beginning Link Party…

I think that is the term for it, link party, or maybe it’s linky party, I am rather new to the but love the idea of them.  

I was looking for something in some of my older posts and I mean OLD, old and I often love reading over them and remembering what I was doing, what the girls were up to in that time of thier lives and what I crafted, which in my eyes is often, mmmmm I posted that, haha.  Funny how much we grow and expand our creativity and how much things change.  I decided for a bit of weekend fun why not link up to….

Link to the Past

So here is how to join in….

  • Go back WAY back to the first month you started blogging.  Take a look around.
  • LINK to the linky below to one of your post in your first month.  Doesn’t have to be your VERY first post, I thought this would give a little more freedom as often our first post don’t contain much, and you might want to link to something you made, wore, read, bought etc.
  • Why not post about it on your blog and take the badge I made up?
  • Keep coming back to check out the links added as I am sure this will be so much fun and getting to follow along with new blogs.

But most of all have FUN looking back in how far you have come, or going, and everything in between…

I decided to go with my very first post as I had been crafting for a little while before starting my blog and so had added a few scrap pages to my very first post, which I am surprised I didn’t talk much, maybe because I can be shy or I wanted to ease people into my waffle-ness.  I used to think only “known” people could have a blog back when I started scrapbooking and then I started mine and have never looked back, I love blogging, love the people I meet through it.  I think I would be rather lost without it….


8 thoughts on “Looking Back to the Beginning Link Party…

  1. Bahahahaha …. 2009! A bit unfair from me though, coz alot of my work goes back to 2005-odd but that was on the store blog, and I no longer ‘own’ that!

    I’m pretty sure she is one of my first Anya’s owned and I love her colouring in with my SU markers – way before Copic days!

  2. Holy Toledo!!! Obviously, I’ve had a looooong day, hahahaaaa! I don’t even remeber how to get my linky on!!! This whole thing cracks me up. LOVE!!! And I totally just found out that the company I used to use for slideshows went under. I have no pics on a good portion of my “beginner” posts. Good thing I backed up—even then! xox

  3. oh kellie, this is an awesome idea!! …he he he he!! I had to go with my 3rd bloggy post ever! the first one was just waffle, the second one was using another ladies cut file but the 3rd one I was so proud of because it was all of my own making!!!! oh its so much fun to look back and see how you’ve changed on your crafting journey!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  4. it was in June last year for me … OH MY GOODNESS!! I’ve just realised that I have nearly been blogging and card making for a year! WOW!!!!

    xoxox Carly

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