Random Fact Friday

Random Fact Friday

Random Fact #13 :- When I say a common saying, such as “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” and what not I usually always 90% off the time get it wrong, with things like….. Keen as custard…. instead of mustard.  I have so many more but I’m always never sure if I got it right.  I used to say…….That ‘s is the cutest thing, since sliced bread…. WHAT is cute about sliced bread hahaha!  Hubby says to me when I say them wrong, NO worries Ziva (if you watch NCSI you’ll get that)…. Mind you even known some of mine don’t make sense, I think they sound better!

4 thoughts on “Random Fact Friday

  1. I had a boss (and friend) who always stumbled through “Six of one, half-dozen of the other”. It cracked me up!
    And FYI – I’m totally hooked on the show, and loves me some Ziva-ism, which is why I can’t resist telling you that the show is NCIS, not CSI. ;)


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