Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner…

A really big thank you to all that came along and joined in my giveaways.  I have been through everyone to make sure I wrote everyone’s name down and popped them into the bucket and I was surprised I didn’t double up with some of you being entered twice.  So now lets get to the winners…..

ANGIE DELARIE EMBELLISHMENTS - A choice of 3 paper embellishments. – WINNER – KARYN .S.

SATURATED CANARY – 3 digital images of choice. - WINNER – RHONDA .M.

FRECKLES & PIGTAILS – A mixed bag of fabric yoyos, flat back buttons and much more. - WINNER – KAYLA .M.


TICKLED PINK STAMPS – 3 digital PINKETTE images of choice. – WINNER – BETTINA

PAPER ISSUES – $15 voucher to spend as you like. – WINNER – ASHLEE B

THE TWINERY - 1 meter of 18 colours. – WINNER – MARIA .T.

TICKLED PINK STAMPS – 3 digital LOLITA & LADS images of choice. - WINNER – IRENE .D.

THE BEARY SCRAP – SMASH* Swatch Tape, SMASH* Date Stamp, SMASH* Top 10 Pad and SMASH* Book/Folio of CHOICE (not including the bigger new folios)… - WINNER – KELLY .M.


To all the winners could you please contact me and in the subject title name your prize.  Prizes have to be claimed within 5 days from today.


SMASH*ing Sunday with Paper Issues… *WARNING – The Walking Dead*

Say WHAT?!  I know it’s Monday, well it is down under anyways.  Actually this morning was the first time I opened my laptop since Friday afternoon.  I went and stayed the night on Friday at Kristy’s.  We had a SMASH*ing night.  Kristy was on a ROLL, that girl smashed about 6 pages all together to my 1.  But on my defence…………………. Ummmmmm, Oh that’s right, Kristy had not crafted in months and months, so she was getting her crafting back and making up for lost time.  It’s also great because I took Kira with me because her and Kristy’s daughter Madi are pretty much the same age give or take 2 years, but they get along really well.  AND then to top it off Debbie came and it was so nice to have a catch up as we used to do it so much and I don’t think we had done it for almost 6 months, so was FABULOUS to just chat, eat, chat, eat, eat……………… chocolate that is lol!

I thought I better add a little warning as I know not everyone likes zombies….  Not saying I would like to met one, although I think I catch a glimpse in the morning sometimes, OH no wait that’s just me before coffee, haha….

And yes all I do is SMASH* lately…….. I can’t help it, it’s like cardmaking by using images and then scrapbooking all rolled into one.  I have gotten quite addicted to the following show as well and so I thought it was a perfect thing to smash.  Just not overly pretty pictures haha.

Paper Issues is having a link up SMASH* theme, do you think I could get any more excited by this?  I think it pretty much shows that I am a SMASH*aholic which is the name of the facebook group I started HERE… I decided to mix my usual, well meant to be Sunday post with Paper Issues because DID I MENTION they are having a giveaway?

So I am bringing you a rather LATE…


As well as having some pages I also have a little tip that I thought of a few weeks back….


It’s thick right?  And I know a lot of people get them like this and then say how hard it is to write and they are NOT wrong, it can be very hard, but we can’t not have embellishments now can we?  So what do we do.  I have tried a few things and while they worked, nothing overly worth sharing, till now….

011I got some CHIPBOARD and put it in between the pages.  This makes a very firm page and I had absolutely NO issues with my journalling…


Do you know what is a little funny about the comment I made above about me looking like a zombie in the morning?  The Tickled Pink Stamps zombie on this is actually Kellita and she was named after me haha!  I also used a zombie from Saturated Canary.  Both these images were perfect for what I had in mind.  There isn’t really much in the way of smashing I did more journalling than anything and with the two images I just felt it didn’t need much more added to it.



Instagram Monday

Ok so I totally got my days wrong till just before when hubby mentioned poker as he has it every Tuesday night.  So my post for a Monday is a wee later than usual.  I have added a link again as I had stopped doing it and then I got a request to do it, so it’s there again, so why not come along and link up your week…


And now here is my week through the lens of instagram…


Have a great week everyone xx

Long Weekend Shopping….

I think we all do it right?  We seem to spend a little time looking through the online stores as there are always AMAZING bargains on around this time.  And so I thought I would share them all in the one post, in case anyone was interested in what I have found.  Which isn’t all that much but still worth taking a look at…

Tickled Pink Stamps is having 40% OFF all digital stamps this long weekend.  So be sure to grab and image and have some crafting time this weekend.

If you shop at Paper Issues and use the code KELLIE05 you get 20% OFF….  That can be every order, the code is for all year round, so be sure to save it.  If you are international and have troubles ordering just be sure to message Cassie and she will always help you out.

Polly Scrap Kits is having 25% OFF but that isn’t the most exciting part about it, it’s that they have SMASH* in their store and with 25% OFF we are finally paying US prices in Australia!  But you better get in quick I have seen a few things start selling out.


School Pinkette Preview Heidi…

Last one of the School pinkette previews, it has been so much fun smashing them in my smash book with all the memories of my daughters at the same time.  I am seeing more and more my SMASH* book more of a scrapbook.  So today we have another girl named after our middle child Heidi….

033Was taken on her 6th birthday party where she was a cat…………meow.

So here are my smash pages and not with her hehe, but we got Kira’s report home yesterday and her first term in high school has been amazing, she is doing so BEYOND well that both Hub and I are VERY proud of her and so I thought of this……


She was to smart for me and onto my attempt to stick my tongue in her ear………….What you never randomly do that to your kids?  I love the little tag that comes out of the pocket, it has not much on it, but for some reason when I pull it out I think to myself, perfect touch you got there Kellie, haha!  The flat back button, fabric yoyo, mini paper pocket and mini tag are all coming to Freckles & Pigtails on the 8th of April.


See that little bit of pink ribbon?  I was lucky enough to get that of the gorgeous Debbie Pamment, THANK YOU DEBBIE.  As soon as I seen it I thought I have to add it some where to this page I already had done, and there you go, looks perfect.  Tomorrow is release day at 5pm.  Have you been stopping by the Tickled Pink Stamps blog for a chance to win one of your very own School Pinkette?  Then you still have time to stop by and leave a comment on all 4 previews.  And when your there you will be blown away by what the Pinkette girls have made and even some of the Pink Ladies have joined in as well as being lucky to have Emma as our guest.  Check it all out by clicking HERE….



Freckles & Pigtails with School Pinkette Kira Preview…

Ok yes another SMASH page or well pages, what can I say, I am absolutely addicted, proud of it….  I still love crafting in other ways, but this just seems to appeal to me a lot more lately and maybe because to me I am basically scrapbooking in a different form?  If you looked at my smash pages and then my scrapbooking, the only main difference is the fact that I usually only scrapbook on kraft cardstock.  BUT enough about that…


Freckles & Pigtails is a new little thing I am venturing into.  I will be selling handmade fabric yoyos, flat back buttons, even some washi tape (ok that is not hand made) and bits and bobs that I find that I love.  These things can be used for ANY craft, smashing, scrapbooking, cardmaking or decorating, they truly all have so many uses, it’s crazy!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of both pages without it being a little blury, tad annoying.  So here is the main page with the NEW School Pinkette KIRA, yup another stamp named after my daughter Kira…


So it was only suiting to smash a page on her and this was taken on her very first day of high school this year…….

016Can you now see where I got the “Freckles” from in the name of my little store?  I just adore them, I just wish she did as much.  And I think the NEW Pinkette was perfect for the photo.  The items that will be in Freckles & Pigtails used are….. Fabric yoyo, Flat Back Button, Washi Tape (ok not hand made) Library Pocket and Docket, Mini Tag, and Rocket Doily (that I LOVE)…


See what I meant by blury?!  Very annoying but maybe it’s me and my photo skills haha……….. Nah can’t be, has to be the camera.

Be sure to pop on over to the Tickled Pink Stamps blog HERE…. Check out all the amazing creations from the Pinkette team and some of the Pink Ladies.  When you leave a comment on the store blog you get a chance to WIN your very own!


School Pinkette Preview with SMASHing Sunday…


Well yes I think I have only been smashing lately.  Because I have been busy with many other things, smashing I find it really quick and easy, mainly because of a few reasons, one being that I have a basket for only smashing things and try and stick to just those things, and a pencil case, well two, no wait 3 now.  One with stamps that I use for smashing, one with alphas and another with wahi tape that is now bursting.  And the fact that it’s what ever you want it to be, clean, simple, messy, packed on, journalling, flyers, photos, stamps and the list goes on.

So it’s no surprise when you see this image that I used it for smashing…… In fact I smashed the whole last release too………  Maybe I am addicted?  NAH, that can’t be right…………..Could it, lol?

Today is a little girl named after my very own little Chloe aka Bowzie…


And even know this is a school theme and she isn’t in school she is a BIG kindergarten girl is you ask her….  I decided to SMASH* Heidi’s last day of school for the term, which was Friday when she had her Easter Bonnet Parade…. (Did I mention I got two blisters one on each thumb from helping aka making this hat?)  Hubby came home and I had the frozen chips out with my hands under them……Burn yourself again?  Was his question, is that saying something do you think?  I mean I did catch my whole arm on fire (split second, felt like a life time), the other day, and I burnt my wrist on the pot the week before…………..  YOU would think he would pick up my very subtle hint NOT to cook, haha…. No, lol, not really but he does call me burnies…..How are you going burnies, oh don’t get that you will burn yourself, burnies.


Here is the page up a little closer.  Do you see my “like” facebook stamp?  YES I know I am sad, but then I know your really thinking…………..I want one, right?, KNEW it!


I seriously have a bit of everything, bit of Any Tangerine (love her), bit from Angie Delarie, washi tape {MUST HAVE} SMASH* goodies, Date stamp, can never go past a date stamp and topped it off with the NEW Pinkette.

Be sure to stop on over the the Tickled Pink Stamps blog to check out what the Pinkette team have come up with and some of the Pink ladies are joining in too.  OH and I am so lucky to have a fellow Aussie gal Emma joining us as a guest and she has red hair and I have met her in real life and every time we would say, OMG me too, Kristy would turn and say………… Must be a redhead thing, hahaha!   And if you leave a comment on the Tickled Pink Stamps blog post then you have a chance to WIN her yourself….. Pretty cool… xx


Yes there was an “S” on the end there and in fact 9 of them, WOW….  YES that means there are 9 chances to win.

I had been trying to figure out what to do for some time.  And once I got my blog all pretty I decided I would do a giveaway then, but life has been pretty busy as of late.  School holidays start as of the end of school yesterday afternoon.  So no morning rushes, no lunches to pack, and so on…..  Only the thing I noticed that picks up is more washing…..  Maybe I should set a holiday uniform, mmmmm.

I decided to try and have giveaways with all the things I love, like I always do as I love sharing what I love, always have….  And so off I went emailing to make sure the store owners were ok with me buying to giveaway, everyone usually is, but past experiences have taught me to ask first.  Find out more about HOW TO ENTER after you see the line up I have got together……

ANGIE DELARIE EMBELLISHMENTS - A choice of 3 paper embellishments.

SATURATED CANARY – 3 digital images of choice.

FRECKLES & PIGTAILS – A mixed bag of fabric yoyos, flat back buttons and much more.

THE PAPER BAKERY – July Add On 3-350x350

TICKLED PINK STAMPS – 3 digital PINKETTE images of choice.

PAPER ISSUES – $15 voucher to spend as you like.

THE TWINERY - 1 meter of 18 colours.

TICKLED PINK STAMPS – 3 digital LOLITA & LADS images of choice.

THE BEARY SCRAP – SMASH* Swatch Tape, SMASH* Date Stamp, SMASH* Top 10 Pad and SMASH* Book/Folio of CHOICE (not including the bigger new folios)…

PrizeSo what do you all think?  Not bad right?  I thought so.  I know I would be happy to win one of these prizes, minus the ones coming from me as of course I already own them.


  • Follow or be a follower of this blog. (I am with wordpress so no longer have goggle follower, but have blog lovin.)
  • If your on Facebook then follow my new page just for my blog HERE….
  • Leave a comment to let me know and that is how I will be able to put your name into the BIG blue bucket I have.  LEAVING A COMMENT ISSUES CLICK HERE…
  • And if you want to have your name entered twice then you could blog post about it or share it on your Facebook.

I will be picking random winners, but the good old way of drawing names out of a bucket.  And the winners will be announced on…….FRIDAY 13th APRIL…. Oooooooo Friday the 13th (inserts spooky noises)….

I want to send out a really big thank you to all the store owners for allowing me to do this.  Why not click their name and check out their stores.  And a HUGE thank you to everyone that follows along with me and shares a comment every now and then, means so much to this lil blogging girl.


Tickled Pink Stamps Blog Hop….

Welcome it has been a long time since we had a blog hop for the release of Tickled Pink Stamps and we thought it was about time for one!  And because the theme is Around the World, we thought it was suiting it have a hop.  I am excited because we have Yani and Kylie coming back to hop with us and two amazing guests.

The release is happening NOW with 15% OFF for 24 hours ONLY…. So if you can’t wait to get your very own then you can do so HERE…. OR each member of the hop is giving away ONE lucky image to their winner, by leaving a comment on the hop this could be YOU and one lucky hopper will win all 4 images.  SO many chances to win!

So if you have come from Jeanette then you are on the right track.  But if not and you want to start at the start then head over to Amy.

Today is Sunday here, and on Sunday I do my SMASH*ing Sunday posts.  But I didn’t want to take up your dashboard with too many posts so I decided to kill 2 birds with the one stone.

SMASHing SundayAnd once again I SMASH*ed the image for the hop.  In fact I SMASH*ed my way through the whole release…..


I have started to release that a less is more approach and this once again is smashed in my RED SMASH* book.


When I seen Kellita I knew right away that I didn’t want to make a card with her but to scrap or SMASH* her instead as I am always saying how much I love living in this little country town and sitting on our balcony swing to just stare out at the view.  I find it really relaxing and rather peaceful too.  I got a lot of reading and thinking done out there, or just soaking in the afternoon sun while watching the girls play about.  And the Lavender as you can read I have explain that picture, love the smell…..

You have until the 13th to take the world hop and have a chance to WIN. All winners will be announced on the 15th so be sure to come back then to see if your one of the lucky winners… NOW your next hop is over to Kerri…..

HOW TO COMMENT :- I do have a tab up the top to explain how to comment as I know some of you have issues with this.  Follow the instructions and it will work for you….

Tickled Pink Stamps Preview Lil Dutch Lolita Lylah

OK look I am going to admit straight from the get go that I cheated.  I actually done this SMASH* page yesterday without the image and then we had Heidi’s Birthday party today and I kinda thought I would be home a wee bit earlier than 3.30pm and then my sister was here and I rarely see her, I mean we talk all the time on the phone but just not the same as having her right there in front of me.  And then before I knew it she was leaving 4.30 and I hadn’t started and post was 5pm…….. What to do, I was going to power race a smash page because that is how I SMASH anyways but then I popped her on the pages I had already done and I really loved the way she looked, so yeah I sort of cheated.

But enough about that and my cheating ways in crafting lol…


The sun is out and I took photos everywhere and this is as good as it got haha!  Either too much shadow, not enough light or maybe I just have to admit, I am crappy at taking craft photos haha!  The writing is in grey lead pencil and I usually do that then go over it in pen, it’s mainly something I have done since I was a teen so I either wont forget something or make HUGE mistakes on something that can’t really be fixed.  Then I decided to leave it as the page is all about “i am” and I am a grey lead pencil user hahaha….


I have really loved showcasing the new girls in a smashing way and I hope that I have inspired some of you that are starting to SMASH* or already do to also grab your images out if your a card maker and add them in, they really do make a great addition to your pages and some look like they were made for the pages.

Don’t forget to jump on over to the Tickled Pink Stamps blog to check out the pink ladies and guests work and DO NOT miss out HOP tomorrow 5pm, LOADS of chances to win yourself a new lolita and seeing amazing creations along the way, great way to spend your Sunday or Saturday depending on where you are….

Before I go, here is a photo of the birthday girl….